10 Qualities of Emotionally Intelligent People

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to shine brightest in any situation and can easily brush off conflict?

It could be because their emotional intelligence (EQ) is off the charts, making it easy for them to work alongside a variety of people and respond effectively to changing conditions in business.
Here are 10 qualities people with high EQ all share.

1. They don’t strive for perfection. At the conclusion of the 1998 film Pleasantville, Bud (Tobey Maguire) is finally transported home, and when consoling his sobbing mother, he comes to the realization that even the most idealized settings aren’t perfect and have their own shortcomings. Likewise in business, romanticizing perfection can get in the way of achieving goals since it leads us to look for answers that aren’t always there.

2. Balancing work and life is natural. Constantly obsessing over every workplace task, along with family and social obligations, can make some people go crazy. But those with high EQ know how to balance their work and life appropriately, because they don’t see everything coming their way as a challenge.

3. They embrace change. Fear of change can be paralyzing to those whose behavior style is steadier in nature, like a high S. But rather than viewing change as a threat to their success and happiness, emotionally intelligent people are flexible and welcome adaptation.

4. They don’t dwell on the past. Playing the “what if” game and feeling sorry for yourself won’t allow you to overcome past mistakes and opportunities. Emotionally intelligent people let the past stay in the past, because they would rather contemplate new ideas and possibilities in business rather than dwell on any past mistakes.

5. They’re good judges of character. When we make the right decisions to set ourselves up for continued success, we undoubtedly make new connections and associate with likeminded people. Over time, emotionally intelligent people become exceptional judges of character and start distancing themselves from those who tend to bring them down.

6. They neutralize negative self-talk. The more we continue ruminating on negative ideas and experiences, the more power we give them. In the end, these are simply thoughts, not facts. Emotionally intelligent people can separate these thoughts from facts to make decisions that can positively impact them and their colleagues or loved ones.

7. Give and expect nothing in return. Emotionally intelligent people tend to be selfless individuals, because they’re constantly thinking about others’ well-being.

8. They’re self-motivated. Emotionally intelligent people get down to business quicker and with greater ease than others, because they know their strengths. They are true go-getters who initiate conversations to strategize how something should be accomplished.

9. They are difficult to offend. Let’s be real: certain words and actions can be upsetting. But emotionally intelligent people have built up a certain level of self-confidence that allows them to brush off negativity. Their thick skin might even allow them to poke fun of themselves.

10. Above all, they’re empathetic people. Being able to relate to others, show compassion and provide strategies for self-improvement are some of the hallmarks of emotionally intelligent people. Plus, being empathetic shows a level of sincerity and curiosity that often is the starting point of forging new relationships in business, life and love.

Taking stock of these qualities and seeing how you can replicate them in your life can help strengthen and form new relationships, including the one you have with yourself.
Despite your behavioral style, working on heightening your emotional intelligence helps you fully take control of our own well-being and positively impact others.

Reprinted with permission from our partner TTI Success Insights.

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