Two things you’ll miss out on if you don’t hire Millennials

Hiring Millennials

Remember the last time a colleague warned you about hiring and working with Millennials? You might think that Millennials have distinctly different behaviors, values and attitudes from other generations in your office making it a challenge to work with them. But when there is a challenge, there is an opportunity. Here are two major strengths you will discover if you take a chance and enjoy the hidden bonuses of hiring a Millennial.

Technology enhances engagement
Plugging in 24/7 with a laptop, tablet and cell phone, this generation grew up in the Internet communication era. Hiring tech savvy Millennials to assist Marketing/PR in social media and gamification to increase customer engagement is just the beginning.

In addition to increased communication, their preference in flexible work styles along with strong global networking mindset can enable you to achieve higher efficiency in the global market arena. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The fundamental impact of hiring Millennials, other than upgrading technology or expanding business, is an opportunity to bond employees with each other through knowledge sharing

Skepticism can foster communication
Many consider Millennials skeptical. They are bold enough to question authority, to voice their opinions, and to advocate controversial values. Do not let this boldness become a threat to you as a leader. Instead, think about the opportunity to create a more dynamic work environment. Millennials can inspire more interactive cross-department communication, and a more interesting, innovative company culture through frequent feedback of multigenerational employees.

With well-developed critical thinking skills, Millennial employees welcome constructive feedback and crave authentic relationships. With limited time in the workforce, many Millennials do not have mentors, heroes or role models in their life. But with a strong tie to the world through electronics, they are strongly motivated to getting involved.
Take the time to develop mentor programs that match Millennials with more experienced employees to help with succession planning and knowledge transfer.
Millennials are known for being easily distracted but good at multi-tasking. They are skeptical and like to take initiative. However, they love constructive feedback and a supervisors’ weekly check-in to ensure they are on track.

With a better understanding of each individual’s unique behavioral styles and driving forces, revealed through TTI SI’s Talent insights™ (DISC + Driving Forces), leaders can communicate more effectively with Millennial employees and leverage their core talents in team building and in improving company culture.

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Reprinted with permission from our partner TTI Success Insights.

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