Self Leadership

Challenging Conversations

Resolve Conflict and Unleash Creativity

Communicating honestly with a focus on desired results can be tough at times—particularly when you need to deliver a difficult message, give performance feedback, or confront challenging behavior. It’s especially hard to deal with anger, silence, or tension. However, navigating your way through these situations is key to being able to resolve conflict and promote creative problem solving. Challenging Conversations is a half-day training program based on the flexible five-step SPEAK Model. It will help you learn to communicate without alienating others and listen even if you are “triggered” by what you are hearing.

Communication Styles (1 day)

Gain an understanding of self and others behavioral styles and motivators to harness their strengths and minimize limitations for team effectiveness. Participants will learn how to identify other styles and adapt accordingly. Instructor Led only. NOTE: This class is a prerequisite for Team Collaboration.

Supporting Assessments: Success Insights DISC and Workplace Motivators

Giving Feedback

Improve Performance and Productivity

It happens to everyone. You try to give constructive feedback, but your comments are misconstrued and now someone is unhappy. Let’s face it—providing feedback in a way that enhances relationships does not occur naturally. To give effective feedback you need to develop some very specific communication skills. Feedback is a critical element in coaching and developing others.

Goal Setting

Most organizations have some sort of goal setting process—SMART goal setting has been around for years. But goal setting has just gotten smarter as Blanchard’s innovative and cutting-edge approach integrates-tried-and true techniques with the latest science of motivation. Finally, people have a way to frame organizational imperatives into goals that are more meaningful and personally relevant. Goal setting should unleash the hope of opportunity and the power of action.

These goals are truly SMART, but not in the traditional way. Not only are people more likely to achieve the goals they set, but they will find themselves with more energy and satisfaction in pursuing their goals.

This session provides a context for goals, helping people understand the importance of examining levels of specificity—from more general key areas of responsibility to more specific tasks and action plans.


Improve Commitment and Engagement

People need to feel heard. In any relationship, effective listening may be the most important skill for building trust and creating a strong connection. Many managers believe that they are good listeners, while their employees feel otherwise.

This half-day training program will develop your skills as an effective listener. It will help examine and expand your repertoire of what you listen for. It will help you learn to listen with the intent of being influenced and help you master the skills of nonverbal communication.

Self Leadership (Revised in 2017)

Our Self Leadership program teaches individuals the mindset and skillset they need to become empowered, proactive self leaders who accept responsibility and take initiative for their own success. The program, recently revised, builds on the world’s most widely taught leadership model, Situational Leadership® II, and integrates the latest research on the proactive skills required for individual contributors to be most effective.