Talent Mapping & Selection

Most companies do not have a comprehensive process for identifying the best talent, skills, experience and personalities for each position, then matching candidates to those positions. Talent mapping identifies the traits and skills required for the key roles you need to move your organization forward. Whether you are recruiting new employees or developing current employees, job benchmarking tools are essential to matching each individual’s strengths and talents to the right position, team environment, and culture.

Job Benchmarking tools help:

  • Hiring
  • Onboarding
  • Organizational Design
  • Talent Development – Personalized Managing, Coaching or Mentoring Programs
  • Succession and Leadership Planning
  • Executive Development

We offer a patented job benchmarking process that enables businesses to assess the job and talent to find the best job fit. Depending on the benchmarking tool used, you can quickly determine the behaviors, motivators, core skills and task preferences required for superior performance. Job benchmarking makes it easy to remove common biases often associated with the hiring process. Instead, factual data based on job requirements provide a solid foundation for talent development and hiring success! 

Benefits Include:

  • Ability to compare Behaviors, Motivators, Skills and Acumen requirements against thousands of other same or similar benchmarked jobs.
  • EEOC and OFCCP compliance/support material.
  • Ability to screen applicants based on Behaviors, Motivators, Skills, Acumen Indicators, Certifications, Experience, Education, Salary & Location.
  • Comparison of top & bottom people against benchmark.

Rest easy knowing our process can stand up in court!

Job Benchmarking Tools

TriMetrix HD

Behaviors, Motivators, Core Skills and Business Acumen
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TriMetrix DNA

Behaviors, Motivators and Core Skills
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Talent Insights

Behaviors and Motivators
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Talent Mapping